Thursday, 25 August 2011

Life as an apprentice...

Our names are Phelix Cullen and Lucy Rowland and we are Katie Green’s apprentices. We have been hired by Made by Katie Green in conjunction with Lincolnshire Dance as part of a graduate scheme as we have just finished studying at the University of Lincoln. The apprenticeship consists of two weeks working on Katie’s current work, Matters of Life and Death at Choreodrome, based at The Place. It is day three and rehearsals are well underway in London. The dancers are working hard to rework phase 1 of last years’ Matters of Life and Death project into phase 2 and we are hard at work creating facebook groups, editing videos and taking excursions to Oxford Circus. So far working as an apprentice has been a learning curve, most of Phelix’s learning has been about how to use the tube, and the fact that the Northern Line is shut until November at Tottenham Court Road.  Lucy has spent most of the time so far creating some spectacular videos on her new MacBook Pro, which will soon ready for viewing. Keep your eyes peeled on the website!

The apprenticeship has been great fun so far, mainly because of all the different things that we have to do. Yesterday morning started with a very relaxing Yoga class lead by Claire Cunningham, a little bit of light shopping on Oxford Street and then off to rehearsals with Katie and the dancers. We both join in the warm ups which is great because it allows us to get to know the dancers a bit better. 

Today was fantastic, we started at 10am with a 3 hour contact improvisation class with Jovair Longo, which was stress relieving to say the least! After a fantastic lunch laid out by Choreodrome we went hunting for torches and tape, which were found in the legendary Camden. Then it was back to the studio for more video making, networking, emailing and typing. 

Over the next few days we have another workshop with Jovair Longo which we are very much looking forward to. Phelix has also promised to cook a meal at the Green residence... so watch out Katie, we’ll try not to burn your kitchen down. 

Here are a few photos from rehearsals:

 All Photos By Phelix Cullen

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