Wednesday, 24 August 2011

From Rebecca...

Rebecca Yates, one of the two dancers in Alexa's Made By YOU piece Oxygen, has written a few words summing up the last 2 weeks we spent in Derby:
Looking back on the two weeks that have just been it seems as if it was so long ago since we started and yet at the same time just the other day. It has been a good start to this journey and I look forward to the next step. Being able to go away to Derby and to work intensively on a project is a very nice experience; it makes you focused and also allows for the time off at the end of the day to really be time off. It’s been great to be able to work intensively on the new duet from Monday until Friday each week.

In terms of working with Alex, I was intrigued by how professionally she has dealt with the project, not only having Katie asking her “why?” but also having two dancers asking her question after question. But she has always seemed to have an answer to them.  I appreciate her determination to stick with her thoughts and ideas, but also being willing to try out new things and not being scared. 

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