Friday, 26 August 2011

From Morgan: thoughts on choreography and rehearsal studio floors!

We have just finished Day 4 of our Choreodrome residency, and so far
so good! We’ve been working on bits and pieces of the work, toying
around with many different ideas. Having covered for one of the
dancers in a performance of the first version of the work, I have
learned material the previous cast created, and now I am experiencing
the tasks that were used to create some of that material. There have
been several “a-ha!” moments for me in these past couple of days,
where I realise how some of that material came to existence, and a few
other moments where I can’t help but compare the outcomes we’ve
reached in our experimentation - there are plenty of similarities
between the two versions, but the similarities are more like those of
cousins than siblings: it’s clear the grandparents are the same, but
their parents have injected a bit of new blood! (NB Katie I guess
you’re the granny in this analogy…heehee!)

Tomorrow is one of our longer days of rehearsal - from 10 AM til 8
PM, with three hours of contact improvisation in the morning. A great
way to start the day (Jovair is a great teacher, I remember his class
from my first term at The Place many moons ago) but it does tend to
make me very, very sweaty. Apologies in advance to the other company
members - I’ll pack extra deodorant, in case my smell begins to
overpower that of the floor!

Incidentally, in one of our short breaks today, I took a moment and
stuck my nose next to the floor to see if it stank as badly as on our
first day and lo, it now smells of bleach! Perhaps our days of
cheese-and-toast scented hands are over…

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  1. hehehe!! Granny GreenBean.. I like that!

    I had forgotten you had covered one of the parts before.. Now i know how the crab on the head thing came into the equation without me understanding what it was before we tried it...!! ... nice...!! :) gold star..!!