Sunday, 22 January 2012

3 minute Oxygen trailer

Here are 3 minutes of dress rehearsal footage of Oxygen, the Made By YOU 2011 young choreographer commission by Alexa Mason. Oxygen tours as the curtain-raiser to Matters of Life and Death:

This is how Alexa describes her duet:
Oxygen is a journey for two people exploring things about themselves and each other. I have been playing with the idea of survival, looking in detail at certain things we do as humans/animals to stay alive. What happens when there are only two people fighting for the same thing when there is only enough for one? - do they argue? fight and manipulate each other for the space before them? or perhaps help each other on their way.
Choreography: Alexa Mason
Dancers: Marie Chabert and Rebecca Yates
Sound design: Max Perryment
Lighting design: Gareth Green
Costume design: Berit Laageide
Filming: Steve Hatton, Electric Egg

The Made By YOU commission was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the St Hugh's Foundation and Youth Dance England partners in the East Midlands: Dance4, D├ęda and Lincolnshire Dance.

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