Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Moving Colour thoughts from Lucy

Here is the first blog post from Moving Colour dancer and Made By Katie Green apprentice Lucy Rowland. You will be hearing a lot more from her and fellow apprentice Phelix Cullen over the summer (the apprenticeships are supported by Lincolnshire Dance, and both Lucy and Phelix are recent graduates from the University of Lincoln). Lucy is also solely responsible for getting me on Twitter!:
So once I received the “you’re hired” email from Katie, I embarked on the first two weeks of my four-week apprenticeship. Little did I know that this involved crossing squirrels, spiralling Olympics, running around fake fountains and leaps of death. These are some nicknames of recurring sequences and material within Moving Colours that had been created in collaboration with all the performers and Katie. Unusual names for sequences seem to be a recurring tool that Katie likes to use, and evidently they are very successful in helping us remember what comes next.

An unthinkable amount of material has been created over the last two weeks, which Katie has moulded, developed and chopped into the four sections. For me, the piece certainly captured the energy, teamwork, exuberance and liveliness that the Olympic games can bring. However, when performing the piece, it felt like it represents something more than just the Olympic games. The four performances at the SO Festival brought together dancers from two countries, Britain and Sweden. The piece developed a sense of unity, togetherness and emotion. I have come away from this project with not only performance experience from the professional dance world, but I have also met a lot of great people. Thanks everyone!

Lucy Rowland


Katie Green is now on Twitter: @madebyKG

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