Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Thoughts from Rob

Marie’s antics this week have turned the project into a huge game of “Cluedo” a good old fashioned who done it! With every task and in every alternative universe the lines are blurred more and more, the path you thought you were on has suddenly taken an eventful twist, leaving Marie starting to blame Professor Plum and a candlestick; she has become a regular Miss Marple.

So that one famous line from “Sixth Sense” has been working its way more and more into my head this week, for many reasons, but the greatest reason of all is ITS TRUE…. "I see dead people”.

I have learnt to deal with this newfound skill; the only issue now is its only ever one body and not always the same one…HOW ?!!  Stay dead, let me stand back and watch people deal with you, I am there to provide comfort (apparently) if needed, come on its not much to ask now is it?

Right this is short and sweet, but I have to go and work on my powers of levitating Carl, any tips feel free to send them my way otherwise might have to reread a Harry Potter or two!!!

Photo: Amber Hunt; one of the 'behind the scenes' shots of Rob, Tom and Carl from our photo shoot with Nuno Santos on Monday

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