Saturday, 21 September 2013

Photographs from week 4 in the studio creating The Imagination Museum

We had an 'all girls day' in the studio yesterday, with Rob away working with Wired Aerial Theatre for the day. Our intern Kate took some photos of Jessamin, Lucy and Hannah developing material inspired by an excavated skull, as well as some movement for our tour-guide characters:

Photos by Kate Thomas
Kate also jotted down some thoughts for us at the end of the fourth creation week:

Thoughts from Made By Katie Green intern Kate Thomas:
"Today brings us to the end of the fourth creation week for The Imagination Museum. It has been another busy week for the company as the existing material has been further developed and a performance structure is starting to take shape. There has been a lot of re-capping from earlier rehearsals and developing new material, as well as finding transitions between different artefacts and ideas. The company have also been working more intensively with Anna Selby’s text, which has been adding another dimension to the movement material. It has been interesting to see the interplay between the very narrative and interactive sections, where the tour guide characters really come to life, against the more abstract movement-lead sections.           

I had a short time away from the project with a family trip to Devon, but was quickly transported back with a quick wander around Exeter Museum and especially their human evolution exhibition. This was the first time I’d been in a museum since starting on the project. With the performance, research and discussions fresh in my brain, I found the exhibitions even more exciting as I could relate them back to the performance. Even though this performance is aimed at children, I’m learning a lot too!

In terms of my time as a company intern, I’m learning so much by observing the complex and thorough creation and rehearsal process. I have also been helping Katie to organise the marketing, travel, props sourcing and by liaising with the Lincolnshire primary schools about our first Lincolnshire performances and workshops."

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