Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Week 1: R&D in schools for 'Dancing in Museums'

Here are just a few photos from our first 2 days of 'Dancing in Museums' research workshops with children from Monks Abbey and Ling Moor Schools in Lincolnshire. These show some of our group discussion and writing activities as well as our dancing in small groups and as a whole class.

We'll post some more words at the end of the week, but to give you an idea, these photos show:
  • our dinosaur spines 
  • fossils created with bodies
  • Egyptian mummies waking up from their sarcophagi
  • poisonous snakes
  • spiky objects (like shark's teeth)
With thanks to the schools and their wonderfully imaginative children, artsNK and The Collection Museum (including Lincolnshire Heritage Services, whose Loan Boxes are providing a great source of inspiration) and Jennifer Manderson who has been assisting us during our workshops and who took many of the photographs below.

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