Thursday, 8 November 2012

New project plans for 2013: Dancing in Museums

We are very happy to be able to reveal information about some of our new projects for 2013:

Dancing in museums

Illustration by Lydia Bradley, Root Studio
From March 2013 (subject to funding), Katie will be working with writer Anna Selby to create a new children’s dance theatre work for performances in museums and theatres, supported by the dance team of Lincolnshire arts organisation artsNK and Lincoln museum The Collection.

Drawing on a range of sources, including The Collection exhibitions and stories about the museum environment such as The Museum’s Secret by Henry Chancellor, the new piece will bring together a collection of up to six solos, each representing one of the bizarre, beautiful, spooky artefacts in an imagined museum and the eccentric characters who look after them. The solos will also be part of an overarching mystery, which the audience will have an opportunity to unravel throughout the performance.

Photograph Daniel Clarke; greenbeandance workshop with year 6 primary school children
 The new museum piece will be aimed at an audience of 7-11 year olds and their families. With this in mind, Katie will be undertaking initial research and development with members of her target audience (children from five Lincolnshire primary schools) prior to starting the intensive creation period with professional dancers.

When we are able to confirm funding for this project, we look forward to sharing the finished work in theatres and site-specifically, in museums and libraries. Watch this space for more information!

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