Thursday, 1 September 2011

Life as an Apprentice: Part 2.0

To think there are only a few days left of our placement at Team KG makes us a little sad. We seem to have packed so much in over the last two weeks but there is plently more to do. This week we have had two workshops with theatre director Tom Cornford that covered something totally new to the both of us. The workshops looked at the use of sensing the feeling of the inner body and how these feelings can physically portray different emotions and qualities to audience members. We are sure to take this skill on and use it in our future endeavours!

We have been editing more videos, some of which can now be seen here on the blog and our final apprentice video is coming along nicely. We are busy interviewing the dancers and asking them questions about Katie’s work and their lives as dance artists.

Katie is busy preparing multiple work-in-progress showings for the end of the week. We are intrigued to view some other choreographers' work at Touch Wood and to see Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Dance Theatre perform Animal Lost at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre. Not that Katie’s work isn’t good enough!

We feel really privileged to be in a situation where we can see and do as much as we can. We have not stopped learning. In terms of choreography, the main element I will take away is how to address emotive content within movement. Anyone can tell someone to look distressed, but will that be convincing? The dancers get around this by appearing to put themselves into the situation and feel what they would feel as if it were real life. They are a talented bunch.

Lastly, Phelix’s Parmesan Spring Chicken was a huge success and Katie’s house is still standing.

Lucy & Phelix

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