Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Behind the scenes and into the mind of...

Hello all! Dani here to give you some juicy gossip from the inside.. err.. I'll do my best to anyway..

So last week was reflection week at MBKG and so.. I reflected.

Firstly I reflected upon how wonderful it is to be back in the studio with Katie Green - not to mention having the pleasure of dancing with Marie and Morgan again! Equally as wonderful has been the meeting of and dancing with the lovely Adam and Rebecca for the first time. It truly is a wonderful group, a wonderful time and a wonderful life! We have already had such a busy time together!

The second week in the studio saw us appearing in Touch Wood programme 7 at The Place alongside Company Chameleon, Amy Bell and Valentina Golfieri, and Shelly Maxwell. We also had a Choreodrome sharing - by which point, as well as dealing with Matters of Life and Death, we were also dealing with a small matter of a very bruised Adam Kirkham! Ever the trooper he battled through whilst we worked to avoid making him flinch with pain..! I'd say, both hugely useful and successful showings with plenty of feedback and ideas for Katie to ponder! Unfortunately the end of week 2 also brought the departure of our two wonderful apprentices Lucy and Phelix - so gorgeously open, hard working and eager.. the studio won't feel the same without their laptop lit faces and bubbling personalities around.

Back to rehearsals this week and I am beginning to have some 'BING!' moments about my role as we start crafting and digging deeper into the character side of things. Connections are becoming clearer and the plot is beginning to thicken - it's like a real life whodunnit in the studio! Every new task finds us all raising our eyebrows suspiciously at each other and finding (sometimes completely outrageously comical) links and discoveries. There are certainly many 'AHHH" moments not to mention the amount of inquisitive sideways glances that get thrown around. I can only describe this process as a metaphorical treasure chest, it's exciting and best of all it is full of goodies to be played with and had.

What threw me slightly yesterday was the incredible urge I got to shout ' GET OUT OF MY PUB! ' -

I just want to clear up, it has nothing to do with Eastenders or pubs, but you'll be pleased to hear - I managed to resist.. acknowledging quietly that what had been triggered here was the comical element of my psyche that instinctively takes over when faced with dealing with serious feelings relating to serious matters. And thus, it is something about the way in which the subject matter or the process seems to be tapping in to my unconscious mind in this way that only adds to my compulsions and drive as an artist involved in this process. Frighteningly, as I realise we have just two weeks of rehearsals to unfold this work I am also filled with excitement and intrigue for Katie's MASTER PLAN.. (7 double sided sheets of colour coded spreadsheet-idge later)..

And so, quite like nearing the end of a good book, I feel addicted and eager to know everything, whilst simultaneously wishing it to last! I'd say that I feel like we are now in a state of 'continuous acceleration' towards the final product (if how fast the days are passing is anything to go by).. I think Tom Cornford would perhaps describe this as 'Contracting Towards' - no wait, 'Expanding Towards'... no.. hold on.. I need to think about that..

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