Thursday, 28 July 2011

Moving Colour thoughts from Sarah

What a great opportunity to be a part of Moving Colour, phase 1 - the SO Festival Skegness, I feel, was a resounding success! Now gearing up and looking forward to Sweden and Denmark.

To think that it was a matter of a few weeks ago that rehearsals started and we donned our creative Olympic hats and hit the ground running (literally) to put together what I think is a fabulous festival piece. Thoroughly enjoyed working with a group of dancers possessing a wealth of expertise enabling the creation of solos, duets, trios, lifts, contact, improv, stepping, swirling, whirling, twirling.....the list goes on! And all under the calm, patient, creative brilliance that is Katie Green (too much sucking up?? Nahh :) )

Hardest moment (physically) - Lifting James! Although in all fairness it was much easier than I expected
Hardest moment (mentally) - Remembering my cues boooooo :S

Best Moment - The Saturday night performance - everyone and everything came together perfectly - be it a little later than expected - see below

Worse moment - Forgetting my cues boooo (you may see a pattern forming)

Happiest moment - Wearing my unitard - is that wrong!! I think not, I have never felt so streamline! Thank you costume ladies, it arrived at the perfect time

Most unexpected moment - 'Put on something warm to wear you need to come and see this' - spoken by Katie Green in the dressing rooms 10mins prior to the Saturday evening performance and referring to the out of control foaming fountain. Delayed us a bit but fortunately the SO Festival tech team were fantastic in clearing up the mess and there is nothing like last minute mishaps to get you truely focused on turning negative into positive - a fantastic performance!! :)

Most enjoyable moment creatively - The spiral duet, the baton duet in the square with Rachel, making the explosive movement moments into lifts! oh and pebbles....

Most enjoyable moment in rehearsals - Getting outside and on to site for the first time and realising in the fresh air and sunshine that the stage areas weren't nearly as difficult to navigate as we had first envisaged - felt everyone worked brilliantly together that afternoon!

Scariest moment - seeing the stages for the first time! They were a bit small, tiny in fact, one could say almost minute..........itsy bitsy....:)

Least enjoyable moment - Yes, thats right you guessed it.....missing my cues arggghhhhhhh

Most enjoyable moment in performance - Lifting Vicky on the Sat evening performance at the end of the piece - it's amazing what adrenaline and the attendance of very, very important people can do he he! Great way to end!

Other fond memories......The Beyonce warm up, Vicky's bright pink knitted cardigan, Carl in a string vest!?, James ability to eat even more than I do (a brave feat indeed!), Lucy winning a Smurf and our problematic leggings (just too much gusset!), Steph's unbelievable skill on a dance mat, Rachel missing her train on Sat boooo!, but meant she could stay til Sunday and I had a wonderful roomy and travel buddy yeah! and....... Alice playing ninja  - the grace and brilliance of a true martial artist ;)

And a massive big up to the Swedish dancers Melanie, Tanya, Moa, Jenny, Cara and Ellen who handled a foreign country, tricky stage, swift rehearsals and performances absolutely brilliantly!

Sweden/ Denmark here we come - Go Team KGB!! :D

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