Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thoughts from Carl

Hello there, I'm Carl Harrison, one of the dancers and just thought I would share my thoughts as well! It seems like at the end of the 3rd week and after the showing last week that it has become clearer where we are heading with the piece; a scenario surrounding the discovery of an unconscious/dead body. I think knowing that we have this scenario as a source to bind everything  has freed everybody up creatively. In this way we can move quite far away from this idea/scenario but we can still manage to find our way back.

Having said this, we have found it challenging to find honest or realistic reactions to impossible situations I.e. 'How would you react if you came back to life from being dead or unconscious?'. It seems like in these moments, it would be good to find some absurdity or comedy as it appears to be heading in that direction. I'm really interested in the filmic nature of the work and am interested to see how that will be developed much later on in terms of lighting and staging
I have had the pleasure of playing the dead body for most of the week and would just like to take this opportunity to recommend it to anyone as a form of stress relief!  

Carl in rehearsal at LPAC, Lincoln

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