Friday, 13 August 2010

From Becky and Tilly, end of week 3

This week has been exciting for us as the company have come to Lincoln. They are rehearsing in the university dance studio where we have trained the last three years and were taught by Katie Green in our final year. This week the dancers have been conducting some of the warm ups and more dance artists from Lincoln have joined in these classes, which has given the project a community feel. This experience has been interesting to see the different and unique styles of the dancers. Having the opportunity to observe the rehearsals that continue throughout the day, we have been inspired by the creativity that has been expressed. The dancers are collaborating their ideas and thoughts with Katie to develop the choreography. While the dancers and Katie are working hard in the studio we have been editing the film for week three rehearsals. Also this week we had a new challenge to help Katie advertise this new project by going on a local radio station, Siren FM. This was a great chance for us to chat about the progress of the work and also about dance in Lincoln community. Katie spoke about the work in progress performance that is to be held in Lincoln on the 20th August, where the public are invited to come watch the company's work and give feedback. We are looking forward to this event here in Lincoln and to hopefully seeing you there!
Tilly and Becky
(Company apprentices)

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